“This space intentionally left blank” or a new meaning for “Less is more”.

Architecture is not only about the present but also a form of continued history projected into the future. It stands as a link between two very sensitive organisms like our planet and the human body. A range of early human species dating back to between three and one million years ago have made use of caves whose role was to give shelter to their bodies, keeping a sense of identity and memory in different places around the globe. Today, in the era of accelerated technological progress, urbanization, and globalization, where every second-largest city in its country became a huge construction site and where the urban environment comprises a complex assemblage of human and nonhuman entities with an overabundance of unnecessary products, results in environmental pollution and overwhelmed interiors, and where the boundaries get erased every day and identity disappears with it. These and other concerns (!!!) are oriented towards global challenges in Architecture.

  Our minimalistic approach with a new meaning for “Less is more” returning to the idea of the complex simplicity and homogeneity of a cave, where space speaks of the fundamentals and is also modest in character and beyond just aesthetics and invented trends, with the importance of functional purpose, where the subject is reduced to its necessary elements, and where its background will silently observe those who are trying to experience its spaces and talk about it, not entering in a direct dialogue with its users. We try to get back to the roots to bring authenticity in its design and create a feeling of reimagined and neoteric cave.

  Considering social, economic, and practical patterns in our projects on a local, regional, and global scale we want to bring a sense of identity and place, its architectural integrity, and function, placing people at the heart of architecture. This is the core of our approach to every project we make.